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Meditation For Peace -1

Being prepared is only half the battle when it comes to caring for a spouse who is suddenly stricken with a catastrophiic illness. We hear so much about how much work it takes to care for an ailing spouse, but what about the remaining spouse, the one who starts out of the gate of the illness in perfect health, totally emotionally stable and full of God-given patience?

She began to step outside several times a day for a few breaths of fresh air. She stopped working in the evenings, which took some negotiation with her employer. Instead, she used the time to read a novel that had been laying next to her bedside for almost a year. She relegated e-mail to the last hour of her workday, and negotiated some changes in the household routine.

Now practise this same mindfulness during your everyday activities. Chew your food workout plans slowly, for example, tasting every bite, and notice the different textures in your mouth. Experts believe mindfulness can bring on positive changes in how your brain and immune system respond to stress and disease.

Let's say one of your big problems is anger at your parents for the way they treated you. If you don't acknowledge that within yourself, and work on letting that go, you may very well end up doing the same thing to your children. It's unconscious-you'll do it without even realizing it or meaning to.

You have to prepare yourself by scrutinizing the beliefs you have about money and wealth deeply. If you find your beliefs are resisting attraction then you have to either change your beliefs or erase them completely. meditation can be very effective or daydreaming and creating future thoughts.

It will be the difference between your inner strength and your ability to get through trying times later on in life and the ER for yourself. Take heart to these words, and know that you are absolutely fine, that the situation is temporary and that normalcy will return. Take these happenings as more of a test of strength, resolve and faith more than it will be seen as just one more thing that you have to do...and trust me when I say it- You HAVE TO do these things. Divorcing a sick person is cruel. You would not want them to leave you if the tables were turned, would you?

What if you brought this type of mindfulness into other activities-for example, work tasks, conversations, and exercise? Not only would you discover more joy in these experiences, but you might find yourself making different choices about what you put your time and energy into. You might find yourself "feeling" what is right for you and what isn't. You might find yourself more connected to the Core of who you are and to the deeper purpose in everything you do.

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